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Making supply chain an “edge of your seat” experience

In just four months “SP&F” became the most liked video of 2019 on the Deloitte US YouTube channel. Pretty impressive since the channel releases more than 250 videos per year. How did we do it?

Don’t inform – entertain

Deloitte’s Synchronized Planning & Fulfillment (SP&F) team needed a video that would generate interest from prospective clients, leading to conversations and eventually – engagements. They had great whitepapers and sales sheets but nothing really eye-catching. And let’s be honest, supply chain and fulfillment is pretty dry stuff.

So how do you get people excited about SP&F? You entertain, not explain. Our strategy and concept revolved around this principle. We wanted to make a short film where SP&F wasn’t the subject, it was the method by which the heroes saved the day. The goal was to make a suspenseful drama for people in the supply chain field. Talk about niche!

We started by doing some research: what does SP&F look like when it’s being done right? Working with Deloitte’s team, we discovered that SP&F is really a smart supply chain that uses AI, machine learning and analytics to fix supply chain problems before they even happen. By integrating planning and fulfillment into one smart ecosystem, customers get what they need, when they need it.

Boom, that’s the story! A customer orders something, SP&F tackles obstacles before they become issues, and the customer gets what they ordered – on-time. But how do we illustrate the AI/machine learning aspect of SP&F? We decided to use a metaphorical approach. We personified the technology as “stations” in a NASA-esque command center. When the customer clicks the button to order, we are transported into the computer. We then show the problem-solving process before coming out of the computer where it’s revealed everything our audience just saw took place in a matter of nanoseconds.

Production went smoothly and we ended up delivering the video early!

One of the best videos we’ve ever produced.

Senior Manager, Deloitte

Why creative video marketing works

It’s not a surprise to us that this video is Deloitte US’s most liked video of the year. People like to be entertained! Thus, they like things that entertain them.

B2B videos don’t need to strictly be professional and information based. Think about it, who is watching your B2B video content? Humans! Humans who have long commutes. Humans with 2 kids and a dog. Humans who watch Netflix in their sweatpants with a bowl of Chunky Monkey.

This video works because it entertains first and informs second. It doesn’t just explain what Synchronized Planning & Fulfillment is, it shows you.

We can do this for you!

Do you have a product/service that’s just as complex as Synchronized Planning & Fulfillment? Reach out and tell us about it. We can make something entertaining for your target audience, just like we did for SP&F team at Deloitte.

How we did it


We research your goals, your marketplace, your competition and your customers. From the insight gained here, we develop a winning strategy for your video campaign.


Your video needs to entertain and provide value for your most valuable customer. It’s here we synthesize your messaging with our strategy into an evocative video that works.


In addition to our strategic and creative chops, we bring deep production expertise to the table. This makes the work better and the process more seamless for our clients.


Get strategies for measuring and optimizing your video’s impact. We’ll give you a distribution plan, video SEO, and other tips to get in front of your target audience.

Let’s talk

Let’s talk about your goals and how video marketing can help you reach them.

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