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Frequently Asked Questions

Are we meant for each other?

Who is your ideal client?

Our ideal client is fed up with the way things are normally done in B2B marketing. They want something bold, unique and entertaining that will help their company pull ahead of the pack.

What does all this cost?

You're not gonna like this but... it depends. Our projects range from $300k for a high-end video ad campaign to $50k for a one-off spot.

We have an idea for an ad already – can you make it?

Maybe. We're happy to look at your idea, but first will want to run through our creative strategy process to make sure your concept ladders back to the strategy we develop. If your idea works for the strategy – let's do it! If not, we'll generate concepts for you to choose.

What is the typical timeline?

Plan to spend an entire quarter with us from start to finish. Of course, this can be a little longer or shorter depending on your unique circumstances.

Do you really hate corporate videos?

Yep. They stink. Our founder even wrote a book called Death to the Corporate Video.

We saw your ads. They're funny. Do we have to do something funny?

Nope. In fact, a lot of our work isn't funny. We always recommend creative solutions that fit your business objectives and will resonate with your target audience.