B2B video marketing training

Videos, guides and templates to help you win more customers with B2B video marketing

How to tell your B2B brand story with video

How to tell your B2B brand story with video

This free online course walks you through the key steps in creating a B2B brand film, from setting the project's goals, strategy, and creative brief, on to ideation and, finally, writing the script.

Everything you ever wanted to know about B2B video marketing

Getting started with B2B video marketing? Read this guide to learn all the basics, from how to use video throughout the sales funnel to finding the right agency partner to bring your videos to life.

7 ways to avoid making a corporate video

No one goes home, puts on comfy pants, and watches a corporate video. No one shares a corporate video. We hope this guide inspires you to break the mold and never make a corporate video again.

The B2B buyer's guide to video production

Before you start googling "video production companies," read this buyer's guide and use the companion workbook to ensure you're choosing the right partner.

Analogy generator

Analogies are a powerful tool for simplifying complex sales messages, especially for B2B marketers. Download this analogy generator template to develop a custom analogy to sell your product or service.

Video marketing campaign checklist

Running your first B2B video ad campaign? Run through this checklist before you start to make sure you set yourself up for success.

Video ad idea generator screenshot

The idea generator

Walk through this guide to learn how to come up with an idea for a B2B video ad.

How to use video throughout the B2B customer journey

This guide walks through how video supports each step of the B2B customer journey, bringing you more, better customers throughout the sales funnel.