This web analytics platform took on Google — and got over 1 million views in a week

This is what happens when you make a hit video people actually want to watch.

If you’re going to compete against Google, you better go big

Matomo is the leading Google Analytics alternative. They describe themselves as an ethical, GDPR-compliant web analytics tool. 

Matomo’s team saw our Last Of Us-esque GA4 parody, and hired us to create something similar. They wanted an ad with broad appeal that their audience could relate to (and genuinely want to watch).

Matomo’s marketing team knew they wanted to create a movie trailer parody. After some research, we came up with the idea to parody Oppenheimer. We knew it would be a blockbuster hit, which was good for universal appeal. Plus, the idea of a man blowing something up was almost too perfect for the story of Google blowing up Universal Analytics.

Over 1 million views in the first week, loads of engagement, and customers selling to prospects in the comments

Marketing and analytics professionals worldwide reshared and praised Matomo’s work, starting conversations about the product.

And on LinkedIn, the video not only attracted comments about how on point the parody was, but also brought out tons of product love from existing Matomo customers.

Nothing realy goes viral by itself — even if it looks that way. We always say that making a great ad is only half the work. Matomo’s team guaranteed this ad a win by knocking it out of the park with their distribution strategy. Matomo did a masterful job of responding to comments, turning comments into actions, and resharing and reposting viewer posts. They also worked with a paid media agency to amplify the impact of the ad.

The results

The parody ad was an instant hit, with over a million views in the first week.

The month following the Googleheimer ad, Matomo’s website traffic increased 5.4%, reversing a downward trend the previous month. And their LinkedIn follower count almost tripled.

The “secret” to getting tons of ROI from your next ad? Make a hit video people love.

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What are folks saying about Umault?

Make waves and generate ROI without lifting a finger

"It moved revenue in a BIG way...over 700%!"

The project we completed with Umault was worth its weight in gold. The campaign that Umault helped us create blew our expectations and frankly set marketing records.

Marsha Hartman

“#1 top performing video”

The final piece had such a mainstream appeal even for non-buyers. ‘We the customers’ is our #1 top performing Enterprise video with respect to view rates, it has nearly 70% greater performance than our next best performing video.

Jonathon Dreyer

“Wildly successful”

Our projects were wildly successful. They use great techniques to generate leads and build brand awareness and momentum.

Tom Osborne

“#1 most viewed video”

The ad we made with Umault is now the #1 most viewed video on the Deloitte YouTube channel by a long shot, with over 420K views. It’s a great use of highbrow humor.

Matt Lennert

“A masterpiece”

They created a masterpiece. More importantly, it’s had a dramatic impact on our audiences. There were hundreds of thousands of visitors on the site and inquiries.

Research director
Management consulting firm

“The ad is a hit”

The ad is a hit with investors and employees. People have commented saying it’s the nicest work we’ve ever created.

Joe Rokowski

“Best professional decision”

From the moment I hired them, I didn’t have to worry about anything – from creating ideas to fleshing out the script. Working with Umault was one of the best professional decisions I’ve made.

Angela Johansson

“More than we've ever made”

The video became part of a 24-hour campaign, and we made more than we’ve ever made in six months, let alone 24 hours.

Karen Kazmierczak
American Planning Association