How relatable humor made this Deloitte’s most viewed video ever.

With over 420,000 views Digital Heartbeat is the #1 most viewed video on Deloitte’s YouTube channel.

The challenge

Deloitte’s marketing team needed an ad that could generate leads and help close business for its Digital Heartbeat solution.

Digital Heartbeat wrangles, analyzes, and controls robotic process automation (RPA) on an enterprise level.

In case you aren’t familiar, an RPA is a “robot” employee that you can train to do really boring tasks like copying and pasting information from one system to another. The issue is big companies have set up a ton of these RPAs but have no visibility into how they are performing and if they’re reaping any value from them.

This is where Digital Heartbeat comes in.

Our process

After multiple conversations with our client, we distilled the message down to, “un-managed RPA is kind of like unmanaged people.” Now we had to visually demonstrate this. Our concept was to personify RPA as misbehaving, unmanaged employees. From there, we’d make the claim that leaving your RPAs unmanaged is just like leaving your employees unmanaged. And that’s what the spot does.

We held several calls with our client’s team to learn about all of the common frustrations their prospects have with RPA. Stuff like RPAs just sitting idle because they can’t log in to a platform, or failing to hand off an item to another RPA, causing the workload to pile up and not be completed.

We took all of these frustrations and had people act them out in the first part of the commercial. For the second half of the commercial we ask, “You wouldn’t leave your human workforce unmanaged, so why don’t you have a strategy for managing your digital labor?” We then hit on Digital Heartbeat’s features and benefits before tying the whole spot up with a bow via a callback joke (you’ll have to watch).

The results

Only a few months after the video was posted, this video for Deloitte’s Digital Heartbeat solution has been viewed 168 times more than the channel’s average. With over 420,000 views at the time of this writing, the video is the #1 most viewed video on the Deloitte US YouTube channel.

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Matt Lennert

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They created a masterpiece. More importantly, it’s had a dramatic impact on our audiences. There were hundreds of thousands of visitors on the site and inquiries.

Research director
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The ad is a hit with investors and employees. People have commented saying it’s the nicest work we’ve ever created.

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From the moment I hired them, I didn’t have to worry about anything – from creating ideas to fleshing out the script. Working with Umault was one of the best professional decisions I’ve made.

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