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7 ways to avoid making a “corporate” video

Stop wasting your time and money on videos that don’t work. Make a video that your prospects actually want to watch.

What’s covered

In this guide, you will learn 7 tips and tricks so your next video is a hit. Your prospects have less time than ever and don’t want to watch a video that feels “corporate.” You win if your next video feels more like something your prospect would watch in their free time.

  • Set your brand apart from the competition

  • Simplify your marketing message

  • Boost video engagement

  • Avoid the biggest mistakes brands make

  • Make a video your prospects love and share

How to avoid making a “corporate” video

We all know what a corporate video is – and it’s not good. No one goes home, puts on comfy pants and watches a corporate video. No one shares a corporate video.

So why make one?

We hope this quick read inspires you to break the mold and never make a corporate video again.

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