Video production shouldn’t be such a production.

We’re thinkers and doers

Umault is made up of both creatives and executioners (Wait, there has to be a better word. Executors?). Anyway, we have a nice blend of creative and production expertise. This means our production people are involved with the creative phase. And our creatives take part in the production phase. The upshot is the entire process is more cohesive and seamless for you.

Working smarter

By housing the creative and the production folk under one roof, we can outsmart problems. For example, say the creative team wants to shoot on a mountaintop. But the production team sees it’s not in the budget. Instead of rejecting the idea outright or taking the easy way out and asking the client for more money, they work up a solution using visual effects that does the trick. The creative team gets the mountaintop shot, the production team gets to play with more toys, and you get a beautiful video.This collaborative effort happens every day at Umault. It allows us to get production value that makes our competition scratch their heads and wonder, “How did they do that?”

Make it look beautiful

One of our core beliefs is that the quality of the video says a lot about the brand that made it. Like that saying “The medium is the message,” sometimes the delivery container (the video) is just as important as the message inside it. It would be nice if people didn’t judge books by their covers, but the reality is they do. Our mission is to make beautiful videos that are easy to watch. It’s the best chance you have for someone to pay attention to the sales message.

People have commented saying it’s the nicest work we’ve ever created. The video is gaining traction and visibility.

Joe Rokowski
Joe Rokowski
President, MassMutual Trust Company


A sales film that wins customers through emotion, not abstract data.

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A video goes viral among a niche audience, helping the company stand out in a sea of undifferentiated competitors.

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