The easiest way to stand out is to stand for something.

Creative video content

Now that we have the strategy, it’s off to the races with our creatives. This entails concepts, scripts and all the stuff Don Draper would be proud of (minus the smoking). The idea here is to be bold. Prospects don’t want normal, they want interesting. And yes, even your product or service deserves an entertaining video.
Think about it, when was the last time you wanted to watch something boring? Yup, didn’t think so. Your prospects don’t want to either! The good news is because we have a clear strategy, we can take calculated risks with the creative so we stand out.

Choose your own adventure

We typically work up 2-3 concepts, all revolving around the strategy we’ve developed. Each concept can get you to the goal in a different way. One may be silly while another may be heartfelt. What they’ll all have in common is they stay loyal to your brand and target customer.



Once you choose a concept, we get to work scripting and fleshing out the idea visually. This could include storyboards or mood boards too. The idea is to make the video on paper before we make it in real life. Why? Because it’s way cheaper to edit a document than it is to edit a finished video.

By doing the hard work of strategy and creative, we’ll increase our chances the video will do the trick.

Because of Umault, my organization has released some of the most engaging, memorable TV and internet spots!

Tara Dawn
Opal enterprises


Wynd raised over $1m with this video anchoring their crowdfunding campaign.

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A video goes viral among a niche audience, helping the company stand out in a sea of undifferentiated competitors.

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