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Video marketing campaign checklist

Avoid six common mistakes in your next video marketing campaign with this checklist.

video marketing campaign checklist

Before your next video marketing campaign, make sure that you:

  • Set a clear and measurable goal.

  • Set your campaign to run according to your goal.

  • Create multiple versions of your video.

  • Double check your backend and tech.

  • Audit your landing page.

  • Audit your content.

Download the checklist for more details on each one.

video marketing campaign checklist
Learn how to run a smooth B2B video marketing campaign

For most B2B marketers, a video campaign is an effective way to generate leads. It’s also a big, expensive project that needs to go right. Like a pilot before takeoff, this checklist will help you make sure that you double checked everything before the big launch date.

Whether this is your first campaign ever or first this month, this checklist will help you ensure the rollout is smooth and effective. 

For more details on how to use the checklist, listen to our podcast episode “6 things to do before your next video campaign.” 

Download your free video marketing campaign checklist.

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