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While our creative process is similar to those other video advertising agencies, the output is anything but. That’s because we’re weird.

We don’t start with normal ideas that are safe. We start with ideas that are scary, a little risky. These ideas are the ones that will leave a mark for our clients.


Because audiences hate normal. They hate anything corporate. Prospects want to be entertained. They want to belong.

They take the time upfront to understand what’s important to our business and what we’re trying to accomplish, and then they come to the table with creative solutions to help get us there. It’s not always the solution that we think when we come in, but that’s why we hire them—because they’re the experts.

Bridget Kulla
Bridget Kulla
Senior Marketing Manager, James Hardie

Being safe is being dangerous

In almost every action movie, there’s a scene where the hero is driving or flying between two big objects that are slowly coming together.

If the hero hesitates and slows down, they will be crushed. The only option is to go faster into the danger. This leads the entire supporting cast to scream, “What are you doing!?” Only the hero knows the way to safety is through committing to extreme danger.

Being safe or using “best practices” is the equivalent to slowing down when you’re about to be crushed by two colliding asteroids. You must increase your boldness and speed, avoid hesitation, and not do what everyone else is doing. You must take a stand and put your flag in the ground.

As the legendary creative director behind Apple’s 1984 Super Bowl ad, Lee Clow, puts it: “Don’t do the right thing; do the brave thing.”

Have you committed to doing the brave thing? Good. Let’s work together.


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A video goes viral among a niche audience, helping the company stand out in a sea of undifferentiated competitors.

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    Mark N.
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