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A crowdfunding video that helped raise over $1 million

Wynd’s Kickstarter campaign was a massive hit. They hit their fundraising goal in less than 24 hours and went on to raise over $1 million. The video paid for itself in the first day of sales!

The need

We worked with Wynd in 2016 to launch their first crowdfunded product, the Wynd air purifier. When they needed another crowdfunding video, they called us.The process started with an information gathering call to understand all about their new products: Wynd Halo + Wynd Home Purifier.

The Halo controls the Home Purifier but can also control other devices in your home, such as a Nest thermostat. This allows the device to “make” environments ideal for certain activities – like turning up the air purifier and lowering the temperature during exercise. Our challenge: how to communicate so many things in a short video.

Besides Wynd’s sell page on Kickstarter, there weren’t any other sales assets. This video was going to need to do some pretty heavy lifting.

The crowdfunding and preorder dollar levels exceeded our expectations. The first crowdfunding campaign raised $800,000 and the second achieved over $1 million.

Raymond Wu
Co-Founder & CEO, Wynd

The strategy

Though most Kickstarter videos are homemade looking, that wouldn’t cut it for Wynd. This was both their sophomore crowdfunding project and their products have a premium price point.

Since the products do so much, we needed something easy to digest but also comprehensive . To address the simplicity, we developed a metaphor of a fish in a bowl of water being like humans in a room full of air. To address the complexity, we thought of as many consolidated, natural scenarios we could fit into one shoot day.


About that shoot day. Production took place in one, 12-hour day. The apartment we used was only about 600 square feet.We had a very good reason for shooting in a tiny location. We had a huge shot list and only 12 hours – we could save time without big moves around a location. Our expertise in lens choice, framing, and propping makes the space seem much larger. This is a great example of the value we bring by having creative and production under one roof.


As indicated above, Wynd had amazing results. But beyond the results our favorite feedback from Ray, the CEO, was “we loved the end product and confidently presented it to our customers.” This resonated with us because that’s really what sales and marketing is all about: confidence. Confidence in your product and the sales tools backing it all up.

How we did it


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  • “The video is now the #1 most viewed video on the Deloitte US YouTube channel, by a long shot, with over 420K views. It’s a great use of highbrow humor.”

    Matt Lennert

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