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How focusing on the target customer leads to a high-performing video

The brand film we made for Bear Mattress has delivered 3 times the average return on ad spend (ROAS) and has a 90% retention rate. It’s no accident [or it’s not luck] that those numbers are amazing.

Working with Bear, we used their audience persona research to make a spot hyper-targeted to their ideal prospect: adults living an athletic lifestyle.

They bring outstanding innovation to the table. Even though I wasn’t completely sold on the initial research and creative process, that phase turned out to be the most important part.

Scott Paladini
Founder, Bear Mattress

Using personas to polarize and appeal to the ideal customer

We loved working with Bear Mattress because they understood they didn’t need everyone to love their product, just their key customer.

Working with this mutual understanding, we zeroed in on and learned about their target customer – what they were feeling about bed-in-a-box companies, what they were hearing about Bear Mattress, what their home life is like, do they have kids, and so on.

Armed with this research, we started our competitive analysis on the saturated online mattress market. We noticed most brands used humor to appeal to a general audience.

Aside from there being some really funny videos out there, no one really spoke to Bear’s target customer. We discovered there are other mattresses aimed at athletes, but they felt inaccessible and kind of intimidating.

We found our angle.

We were going to make a video just for Bear’s prospective customers, and no one else.

The video would simply need to say, “if you live an athletic lifestyle, this is the mattress for you!” Yes, it’s that simple.

Think about it, if everyone else is trying to use humor to appeal to everyone, we just need to section off our audience and say what no other brand can say, “We’re for adults living an active, athletic lifestyle.”

Creating a video using a solid strategy

Now that we had a clear strategy, the video concept was relatively easy to formulate.

We knew we didn’t need to be funny, we didn’t need to show bowling balls or eggs hitting a bed, we simply needed to say, “Hey! Are you a married couple with a kid or two but still like to live an active lifestyle? We have a mattress for you!”

And that’s how the video plays out. For the first part of the video, we’re seeking to polarize the audience. We actually say, “If you’re into this [working out], doing that [calisthenics], or the other [picking up a kid], then you need one of these [the mattress], a Bear Mattress.”

While this seems very simple on the surface you can see how it’s immediately polarizing the audience.

Because as much as we’re trying to appeal to our most valuable customers, we’re also doing the inverse. We’re actually saying, “If you don’t live an active lifestyle, this really isn’t the mattress for you.”

Polarizing an audience isn’t that scary

You may be thinking, “Why would I want to polarize my audience? We need as much business as we can get!”

Here’s the secret about only appealing to your most valuable customer instead of trying to appeal to everyone: you usually get people that don’t match your ideal customer to be interested because you stand for something!

When you hyper-focus on a single audience persona, you also catch residual audiences that aspire to one day be part of your target audience.

Or, they’re rationalizing why your product can be good for them. An older adult with back problems may see this Bear Mattress video and think to themselves, “Well if it’s good enough for people doing all of that activity, it’ll definitely be good enough for me!”

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