Creativity is not for the fainthearted. Embarking on an innovative project or cutting-edge concept involves charting new territory and we can almost guarantee that, at some point along the way, your comfortable cruising altitude will be rudely interrupted by gut-wrenching turbulence. You’ll start looking for the nearest exit, lock your grandmother’s rosary in a sweaty-palm death-grip, and repent ever having embarked on this video for sales enablement voyage.

This particular form of turbulence is the result of creativity hijackers: a gang of negative, fear-based thoughts that will kidnap your better judgment, and stifle your courage.

Why? Because a panicked brain doesn’t make sound decisions. That is why – with the help of creativity survival specialists – we have put together a survival guide to get you through the challenging times ahead. You will not be the first passenger to have a panic attack and you won’t be the last. Thankfully, we’ve carefully documented some of the most common negative thoughts that will likely hijack your mind at some point along the way.

Hijacker #1:
But…Not every feature and benefit is mentioned in the script.

The earliest stage of the video process involves a strategic creative brief, in which you’ll compile all the many compelling features and benefits that make your products and services simply irresistible. You’ll then hone in on the heavy-hitters to feature in your video and then promptly panic when you don’t see every talking point carried over from your original list.

That’s correct. We did that on purpose.

During the making of your creative brief, it’s crucial to get all your brand’s benefits on the table – but not all of these virtues will have a place in your video. Which is why we’ll talk you off the ledge by reminding you to focus on the significant few. Cramming in content for the sake of checking off the boxes is a terrific path to a terrible end.

Your video is not an everything bagel. It is an edited, curated, carefully-crafted message delivered to a select audience for a select purpose.

Hijacker #2:
But…This doesn’t speak to all of my target audiences.

Expecting a single 60-second video to deliver a concise, compelling story while at the same time speaking to a vast range of audiences – from internal employees to feature clients – is akin to expecting everyone onboard to opt for the same airplane entrée.

Some passengers prefer chicken, others dig into lasagna, and some are content to nibble on iceberg lettuce and nothing more. Different recipes appeal to different people. When you try to cook up a “one-size-fits-all” meal (slopping together chicken, lasagna, and lettuce) everyone goes home hungry – and probably a little queasy…because that sounds disgusting.

You can say it all and speak to everyone, you just can’t do it all at the same time.

Hijacker #3:
But…We’ve never done something like this before.

Growth only ever happens when you stretch outside your comfort zone…which is, by definition, uncomfortable. We understand that. In fact, that’s why we take such care in understanding your business and constructing novel concepts that are both innovative and, at the same time, in alignment with your brand.

If you find yourself getting cold feet and wondering if you should bother stepping out on this creative limb…just ask yourself: isn’t that why you came to us in the first place?

Chances are you’ve checked out a case study, admired our website, and envied the clips we’ve created for past clients. And chances are you wanted a slice of that same ingenuity for your own brand. So please, rest assured that we talent and TLC to your project. The clients that trust us enough to do our best work are the clients who unequivocally get the best results.

Far too often we see a video strategy/concept that starts off as groundbreaking and cool, but somewhere along the way our clients are hijacked by fear and default to safe, normal, and boring. That is not what you want for your video and that’s not what we want for you.

When you find yourself flinching and thinking “we’ve never done something like this before,” think back to the moment you hired us, when you decided we were worthy of your trust. Then, loosen your white-knuckle grip, and let us work our magic for you.