So how do we build these wildly creative B2B video marketing campaigns?

We believe that in video marketing, the idea is everything.

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There’s more than a little alchemy mixed into our creative process, and that’s by design.

While we approach every project strategically, we know that the true magic comes from unlocking a perfectly calibrated, totally original visual concept.

We want to tell a story that resonates and delights while hitting all of your key messages and business prompts. How do we come up with those stories? That’s our little secret. And we’re not telling. Well, actually we do spill some secrets on our blog from time to time.

(A comically oversimplified version of) Our strategic process

Before we ever start cooking up ingenious visual storylines, we build a thoughtful business strategy for your video marketing campaign. Here’s how:


We distill your message down to its crucial elements. The core message will be our North Star throughout the creative process.


We map to where your business prospects are now, and analyze what your competition is doing to grab their attention.

Mindset shift

We determine what we’ll need to say to those ripe prospects to get them to take action. It’s like the B2B version of, “Inception.”

Gut check

We give you a snappy report outlining our findings, confirm that our instincts are spot-on, and dive into concepting, scripting and production.

Ways to work with us

No two of our engagements are the same but here is a look three different ways we typically help our clients get more customers with B2B video marketing:

The secret sauce

AKA “bring your own strategy,” we handle concept & production

  • Creative concepts

  • Script & storyboards

  • Video production

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The whole enchilada

AKA video marketing strategy, concept & production

  • Marketing diagnostic

  • Video marketing strategy

  • Creative concepts

  • Script & storyboards

  • Video production

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Soup to nuts

AKA we handle everything from strategy to distribution

  • Marketing diagnostic

  • Video marketing strategy

  • Creative concepts

  • Script & storyboards

  • Video production

  • Paid, earned, shared & owned media strategy

  • SEO optimization & designer thumbnails

  • Launch planning

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 The video became part of 24-hour campaign and we made more than we’ve ever made in six months, let alone 24 hours.

Karen Kazmierczak
Karen Kazmierczak
American Planning Association

We hate wasting time

Work with Umault, and you’ll never have to plan a buffer into your timeline knowing that “the agency” is fundamentally incapable of delivering on time. We’re not just inventive, we’re heckin’ efficient.

We’re generous with our time and resources because we genuinely want our clients to grow and thrive.

Since we know that the videos we create will help them do that, we want those videos to get out into the world as fast as humanly possible.

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  • “Our projects were wildly successful. They use great techniques to generate leads and build brand awareness and momentum.”

    Thomas Osborne

  • “The video is now the #1 most viewed video on the Deloitte US YouTube channel, by a long shot, with over 420K views. It’s a great use of highbrow humor.”

    Matt Lennert

  • “Umault will really dig into your company’s identity, goals, and audience to find the best way to convey your message.”

    Karen Kazmierczak

Umault is a boutique video marketing agency that helps B2B businesses create captivating content, engage the right people, and drive sales. We concept, script, and oversee video campaigns that make the complex simple and sexy, transforming ordinary businesses into extraordinary brands.

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