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About us

Umault was born out of a desire to entertain. We believe advertising is very simple. It’s about telling a story people can relate with.

Since 2010, we’ve worked with brands like KitchenAid, Dell EMC, MassMutual, BeamSuntory, and a Big Four Accounting Firm That Shall Not Be Named Due to Compliance, But You Have a Twenty-Five Percent Chance of Guessing What It Is.

But we didn’t start with these big brands. We climbed up through the dark, stinky sewer of video. We started with making product demo videos in our founder’s living room for weird companies you’ve never heard of. We made videos with executive interviews that cut to shots of planes taking off and then server racks. Tons and tons of server racks. And people looking at those server racks. Oh, and then people talking to each other and laughing while pointing at server racks.

You get the idea.

We kept making those videos until we realized something: They are ineffective! Yes, they are cheap and easy to make, and easy for our clients to sell internally, but they are just plain boring. We started saying “no” to these terrible videos and pushed our clients to take risks. Since then, Umault has helped many clients successfully simplify their complex sales messages into interesting videos. We’ve worked in virtually every industry, and we can honestly say that there’s an amazing story inside of every business just waiting to be told. 

The team

Guy Bauer

Guy Bauer

CEO / Creative director

Jen Bauer

Jen Bauer


Tory Merritt

Tory Merritt

Account Director

Hope Morley

Hope Morley

chief Operating Officer

Super talented and kind bunch of employees. It’s a hard working culture and it will force you to push yourself to be better. You manage your own time and you’re treated like a professional as soon as you walk in the door. The company invests in your development and will force you to become better.

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  • “Our projects were wildly successful. They use great techniques to generate leads and build brand awareness and momentum.”

    Thomas Osborne

  • “What really separates them from others is their incredible culture and approach. They truly understand what it takes to make something authentic and therefore memorable.”

    Mark N.
    A global consulting firm

  • “Working with Umault was one of the best professional decisions I’ve made.”

    Angela Johansson

We craft videos that simplify complex sales messages. Using our proven process, we distill our client's product or service into an entertaining and memorable video that converts.


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